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Do you want to create some life-long memories with your pet? If so, booking a photo and video shoot is the perfect way to capture their character and charm in a way that you can always look back on. With over 10 years worth of varied photography experience, I know just how important it is to capture things 'in the moment' and I pride myself on a documentary / candid style of photography. This allows the photos to be as natural as possible so I can capture the real bond between you and your pet(s)

I offer 3 photoshoot packages which cater to most budgets and needs:


Bronze Photoshoot: £80 - Includes a 30-45 minute photoshoot and 2 free high-resolution images

Silver Photoshoot: £150 - Includes a 1hr-1hr30min photoshoot, 10 free high-resolution images and 2 free video clips

Gold Photoshoot: £250 - Includes a 1hr-2hr photoshoot, ALL high-resolution images and 5 free video clips


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Photoshoots include video clips as standard; these are recorded in high-quality, slow-motion and lightly edited before you view them. The priority is always the photos, however, and video clips will be of candid or repeated moments during the photoshoot. The videos make fantastic content for Instagram reels and can be edited to your liking through the Instagram app. If you would prefer to only have photos during your shoot, please specify before the date. The pricing won't change if you wish to only have photos.

Regardless of the photoshoot package you chose, you will always receive a link to a gallery with all of your edited photos and an unlisted YouTube link containing all edited video clips. Depending on what you choose, you can either purchase additional photos/videos or download them all. I do not offer video editing services unless specifically requested; however I am more than happy to answer any questions on how to edit your own content through the Instagram app.

Examples of my video reel content can be found on Instagram @becky_bunce. Pricing on additional video content is as follows:

-- £15 per clip

-- £35 for 3 clips

-- £50 for 5 clips

-- £10 per clip after 5 purchased


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What should I wear for my photoshoot?

The simple answer is whatever you feel comfortable in! It's your photoshoot so it's your choice - you're welcome to bring spare outfits to change into. Just be sure that you're comfortable walking in the outfit(s) that you choose as we will need to walk to various locations during the shoot

What happens if we run out of time?

The good news is that my timing estimates are just that; estimates! I won't mind if we need some extra time to create those all important memories (10-15mins extra is completely fine!) Likewise, if we run early and everyone's happy with the content created, I won't hang around for the sake of it

How many pets can I bring for my photoshoot?

As many as you have! I won't limit you on the number of pets you can bring with you but I do ask that you book the appropriate photoshoot for your needs. I'm confident in my ability to photograph multiple subjects at the same time due to the event work I do at weekends and I once had a photoshoot with 10+ dogs! 

Where will my photoshoot take place?

All of my photoshoots are location based and while I'm happy to research places of interest nearby, I highly recommend that you have a good location in mind when you book. This can be your yard if you're booking for your horses, a local park or green space for your dogs or your home/garden for other pets

It's raining all day; can we reschedule?

Yes! We all know what the British weather can be like and I understand that constant, heavy rain isn't fun to stand in (trust me, I've had my share at events!) Be sure to check the Met Office forecast on the run-up to the photoshoot and contact me with any questions